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We offer competitive exchange rate and lower fees than most banks & money transfer services to ensure you get the best solution for you needs. 


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Why use our services at Wiremit?

We believe in transparency & fair services that cater to the customer. Our priority is the ease of use for our users and lower fees to make money transfers safer and easier for everyone. 

Our Services Are Faster

Most of our transactions are ready in a matter of minutes to eliminate unnecessary waiting times. 

Our Fees Are Lower

We offer competitive exchange rate and lower fees than most banks &  other money transfer services.

Our Services Are Safer

We use the latest security technologies to ensure your transfers are as safe as possible. 


How to send money using our services

We have aimed to make the process of sending or transferring of money as simple and as hassle free as possible. Below is a guide on how easy it is to use our services. 

Download Our App

1- Download our mobile app available on either on app store or android market

Find An Agent

2- Find the closest agent to your location & be sure to take your ID with you

Enter Details

3- Simply enter your details, the receivers details and the agents details and submit the form

Transfer Complete

4- You and the receiver will get notified that the money is ready to be collected at the closest cash collection point.


A Fast & Fast Way To Send Money

Download our App for free & start to send money within minutes. Track your payments & transfers & the payments you have made previously from anywhere & at any time. 


We are always expanding our global reach

We are continuously adding to the number of countries we work with, to bring you more locations locally and internationally. 

Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we aim to bring you the very best services possible. 

We are here for our customers

We understand that our success is based on the satisfaction of our customers, therefore we ensure that all of our process are transparent and fair to our users.

“When I started to use Wiremit, I instantly knew that this was the safest & cheapest way for me to send money.”

Aneni Sibanda

Wiremit Customer

Frequently Asked Questions?

Below is a list of some of some of the questions our new customers ask. If you have any further questions please contact our team & we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

How effective is your platform?

Our platform is very effective and you get instant services and live, competitive exchange rates. 

How long does it take to receive money?

The recipient will receive a notification instantly and will be able to collect the funds from any of our cash collection points. 

What info do I have to produce to receive the funds?

You will be required to produce the reference number from the notification and your national ID / Valid passport or drivers licence. 

How safe is it to use Wiremit?

Our website and apps are specifically designed to ensure we are protecting your account from unauthorised login attempts. We implement strict verification processes to ensure that we fully identify all of our customers. 


Contact Us

Whether you have a question to ask or a problem to solve, simply fill in the form below and our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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